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Spice Cabinet Organization

by Basic Organization team member Haleema Burton

Spice Cabinet – Before

Spice Cabinet – After

If your kitchen is like mine then you have limited space to store spices.  Because of the small size of my kitchen, I am not a huge fan of having a lot of items on the counter so I have reserved a small cabinet to store spices

Since spice jars are about the same height and width it was hard to find what I needed and the cabinet got out of control and crowded pretty quickly. I decided that I needed to tackle my spice cabinet because I was spending too much time trying to find spices and an equal amount of time having to “organize” them again.

For this task, I wanted to keep it simple so I pulled all of the spices out of the cabinet and separated them into three categories: 1) regularly used spices, 2) occasionally used spices, and 3) never used spices. I tossed the expired spices that I never used into the trash (and bagged the spices that were not expired in order to giveaway to family members).

I transferred the regularly and occasionally used spices into glass spice jars (that I got from World Market for .99 each).  Since the cabinet doesn’t have much width space the best option to increase space was to utilize the cabinet’s height. I got two three-tiered cabinet organizers (from the Container Store for $9.99 but I’ve seen them at Marshall’s and Ross in the past for a little less) that were small enough to give me additional space on the side.

My goal was to have easy access  (and to be organized while cooking) so I placed the regularly used spices on the first shelf and the occasionally used spices on higher shelves. Depending on your needs, another way to organize the spices is to organize alphabetically or by type (herbs, powders, etc).

Whichever organizing methods that you choose to use have fun! If you want to get really fancy then go ahead and label your jars (you can purchase pre-printed spice labels if you don’t have a label maker).

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