Stress-Free Travel


Watch this video on YouTube Do you wish traveling could be more relaxing? But, sometimes it seems to take so much work just to get out of the house, that you may feel exhausted before the trip even starts. Making a list or two can help you with your travel plans. Travel To Do This…

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The Medical Paperwork Nightmare

medical paperwork

Watch this video on YouTube Paperwork is the worst! And medical paperwork is the worst of the worst! I hear this all the time. But if you separate it from all other papers and look at it objectively, IT’S NOT SO BAD. Get started by pulling out any paperwork dealing with anything medical and separating…

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What is Your Style of Organization?

styles of organization

Watch this video on YouTube What is your style of organization? Do you see yourself in any of the following descriptions? Styles of Managing Space Everything out – You work best when everything is out in front of you. To you, it feels like a waste of time to put things away in drawers and…

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An Organizing Lesson From the Pulpit


Watch this video on YouTube   I just had to post a lesson I heard today at church. Forgive me if this is not for you. I try not to discuss religion or politics if at all possible but I just had to share. I am only here for a brief visit. Today, we had…

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10 Time-Saving Food Tips


Watch this video on YouTube Saving minutes (or even seconds) can add up to save you substantial time in the kitchen. Here are some tips to help you out. 1. Double the amount you cook and freeze half of it to make your own frozen dinners. 2. Cook dinners in a crockpot so the vegetables…

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Rethink your office space and how it functions for you


Watch this video on YouTube Recently, I was on my way to a client’s home. We were finishing up the transformation of his home office. Like many of my home office clients, he had compiled a bunch of mismatched, inexpensive pieces to furnish his office space. This client is a busy man with lots of…

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