Subscription Service

Do you think you don’t have time to organize? You do! With the My Basic HOME subscription service you will quickly declutter, organize and maintain every space in your home.

Your Home Organizing Maintenance Exercises are delivered by text message, guiding you to keep your home to tip-top shape.


The world of organizing products is vast and a bit confusing. Let us recommend the perfect product for you.

You can take your organizing project from functional to fabulous with a product or two. Use our extensive list of products that we have tested ourselves and recommend to our clients.


Are you looking for ways to reduce the clutter in your life? Need doable solutions and examples that will make your busy life less stressful and more organized? This is the book for you!

Janet collaborated with other professionals, to provide inspiration that affirms the power and importance of getting organized with practical ideas. Available in paperback and pdf format.

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