You know there is a beautiful, functional space under your clutter. You just can’t find it. Let us help you create the peaceful space that you deserve.

The 3 extraordinary ways working with the Basic Team will improve your life.


Whether you work with one organizer or our team, you have the experience of the entire crew working for you. We offer special services like photo organizing and digitizing, furniture assembly, hanging art, closet system installation, space planning and more.


We know you don’t always have time to do-it-yourself and maybe you need some support while sorting through the clutter of life. Bring in our team of experts gets your project completed in record time, while still allowing you to be in charge and meet your goals.


Our experienced team belongs to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals and each holds several certificates of learning. We make education a high priority in order to provide excellent service for our clients.

residential organizing services

Home Organizer Services

Make your home the haven you deserve, by having only what you love in your space. Declutter and organize just one space or every inch of your home.

  • Kitchens and Pantries
  • Bedrooms and Closets
  • Basements and Garages
  • Craft and Toy Rooms


business organizing

Office Organizing Services

If you use your home office for business, it needs to function well so you can focus on what is important in your life. Create personalized systems that work for you.

  • Paper Filing Systems
  • Organized and Digitized Photos
  • Time Management Systems
  • Customized Business Processes



Packing and Moving Services

Don’t get stressed with all the logistics of moving. Receive white glove service for this very important project. Then you can concentrate on yourself and your family.

  • Move Management
  • Downsizing Seniors
  • Space Planning
  • Packing and Unpacking


The FIRST choice for your organizing needs

Before working with Basic Organization, we were challenged to make decisions on my recently deceased Dad’s place and all of his belongings. My brother and I did not have the time or ability to sort through all of his things. So we decided to call an organizer. After interviewing a few people, Janet won my heart!

Working with them was especially helpful because we were coming from out of town which was extremely costly. Janet and her team did an amazing MIRACULOUS JOB of organizing my Dad’s condo. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, dining area, closets and living room, FULL of junk. They touched every piece and amazingly finished in record time. We asked for it all to be done in one day. They were done by 3pm! I was expecting 9pm. Amazing! I want to tell the world about these ladies because they saved us the emotion of going through our deceased Dad’s belongings, and the thousands of dollars it would take to travel back and forth to do it all ourselves AND Janet offered to sell our valuables on Craigslist, recommended a junk company to haul it all away, and to help us with recommendations for contractors.

If we had not contacted Basic Organization, we would still be in a mound of junk spending even more money. By the way, with Janet’s help, we were able to get over $400 back from things sold from the ad Janet placed for us. I would recommend Janet and the Basic Organization team as the FIRST choice for any and all of your organizing needs.