Selling a Home in Washington DC? Hire a Professional Home Organizer First.

Home organizing is needed because of how many things we accumulate throughout our lifetimes as consumers. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we did not read and collect books or magazines, if we did not have art, accessories, or maybe anything else that clutters our homes? It might be bland, boring or even monochromatic.

The simple truth is that the more we buy, collect or gather, the more time we have to spend sorting and organizing in order to stay in control of our living areas and storage places. This situation can be amplified especially during "life changing" events.

Organizing A Home For Sale in DC and Northern Virginia

Getting Ready to Sell a Home

Preparing a Home for Sale in Northern Virginia

Let's say, for example, that you are thinking about selling your home. You meet with a real estate agent to list the house on the market and to schedule an open house. Soon you may realize that there is a tremendous amount of work to be done well before pictures and videos are taken and the first prospective buyers appear at the doorstep.

The first thing your real estate agent is likely to say is to remove any and all clutter to make the home look more presentable and marketable. Home buyers have to be able to visualize where their furniture and belongings might go in each room. But if your stuff is everywhere, it is more difficult. Besides that, decluttering might even make your house look bigger.

Pro Tips for Selling Your House

Organize and clean everything

  • Nobody wants to move into a home that is disorganized or needs to be cleaned. Removing clutter, cleaning window treatments, rugs, floors, carpets and furniture will maximize a home's appeal.

Declutter and depersonalize

  • A home organizer can help you organize and store personal items like photo frames and memorabilia in your home. After all, home buyers want to be able to envision where their things might go if they buy the house.

Fix anything that's broken

  • Everything should be in perfect working order. Take the time to inspect the interior and exterior of your home to prevent unnecessary surprises. Issues related to appliances, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems should be addressed prior to the home being put on the market and not after an offer is received. Your personal organizer can help you find the service providers you need to get your home in shape to sell.

Organize Your Kitchen When Staging a Home for Sale in DC and Northern Virginia

Showcase the Kitchen

Focus on the kitchen

  • Probably the most important part of a house, kitchens can be the difference in a home buyer's purchase decision. If you have time and the budget, freshen up paint and update hardware if possible. Consider upgrading some kitchen appliances, counter tops or even remodeling if it will make your home more marketable. If not, start with the little things because they make a difference. Clear the counter tops by putting glasses and dishes away! Keep the kitchen sparkling.

Lighten up!

  • Natural, in door and exterior lighting can improve the look and appeal of a home. Maximize indoor and outdoor light by adjusting window treatments, replacing light bulbs and removing anything that blocks light. Improving the environment within a home can make it more appealing and help it sell faster.

Clear the closets

  • When closets are full or overflowing, it's nearly impossible for potential buyers to see just how much storage is available. Spend a few moments to organize and remove items that can be stored somewhere else. This is a great time to let go of items that no longer fit your lifestyle. Don't move things you don't need.

Be ready to show at a moment's notice!

  • Having an organized home will make it available for showings at anytime. You will be comforted to know that you will be ready for whenever a buyer shows up or drives by your property. There is nothing worse than scrambling to put things away and everything else in order to be ready for a real estate appointment. Be prepared, start home organizing early in the process.

Organize the Living Room

Organize Before Staging Your Home

Many real estate agents recommend staging a home before listing it for sale. Professional home stagers can actually help you get a better sales price by improving the appeal of your home. Simple things like new art, paint, flowers, or even temporary furniture can make a home more visually appealing. Without home organizing, there may be too much clutter or too many personal belongings in the way making home staging much more difficult.

Professional home staging a property enables buyers to see the potential of living in a home that is for sale. If you want to maximize the asking price of your home or sell it faster by making it look move-in ready, home staging it is a great idea.

What does staging a house mean?

Home staging is intended to make a home look its best by rearranging furniture, organizing furnishings and updating decorations. The first step is to sort, organize and store personal items and ensure that every room looks the best it can to real estate buyers who visit in person or online.

Expert Advice for Staging a House for Sale

  • Determine the purpose and goals of your home staging project
    • Improve buyer’s view of a home
    • Increase the sales price
    • Sell home faster
  • Understand the potential benefits from a financial perspective
    • Determine how much to invest
  • The first step in the home staging process involves home organizing task that declutter, organize and sort belongings
  • Deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Freshen up the house by airing it out
    • Open windows and make sure there are no damp smells or odors from pets
  • Replace light bulbs and lighting fixtures if needed. Dust or replace lampshades
  • Open up window treatments, blinds, shades and curtains to let as much light in as possible

In most cases, people who are preparing to stage a home, will focus on the living areas and master bedroom first. Many professional home stagers will start by rearranging furniture. Some may recommend removing furniture to make a place look bigger.

Space Planning a Living Room


Others may suggest replacing outdated furniture altogether. This could be on a temporary basis. In fact, many homeowners will rent nice looking furniture to create a certain "look and feel" for their home.

  • Arrange and organize furniture
  • Place sofas, love seats, tables and chairs and tables away from walls. Create a focal point by adding a rug.
  • Create an environment that is warm and inviting
  • Add things like flowers, a fruit basket in the kitchen and fresh towels in the bathrooms
  • On the outside, mow the grass, trim and then power wash where necessary
  • Make sure all windows are clean and spotless
  • Freshen up the house number and put down a new welcome mat and outdoor plant if needed

Prepare and Organize Before You Move

Organize Before Calling a Moving Service in DC

It's time to pack up and get ready to move. If you have yet to declutter and organize everything now might be the perfect time to do just that. Sorting, organizing, discarding or donating unwanted items might even lower your moving expenses. Another benefit of working with home organizer like Basic Organization in Centreville VA is that they can help oversee and help get you ready for the moving process.

Plans for Moving Your Home

  • Plan early. Get organized. Create a timeline. Stay on schedule.
  • Get 2 or 3 quotes from insured, professional moving companies
  • Make your moving reservation well in advance. Avoid the last minute.
  • Change your home address at least 5 or 10 days before your move out date.
  • Schedule disconnect dates (and new connect dates) for all utilities, phone and Internet
  • Cancel or update subscriptions, scheduled deliveries and home service appointments.
  • Keep the vaccum cleaner and cleaning supplies handy.
  • Clear out closets, the attic, and the basement before it is time to move.
  • Deep clean all appliances and defrost the freezer.
  • Make a box for important tools and parts.
  • Gather and pack items from the backyard.
  • Properly dispose of things that cannot be moved including gas cans and propane tanks.
  • Create a bag for essential items like important paperwork, wallets, keys, phones and money.

Basic Organization is a company of professional home organizers in Centreville, Virginia serving families, busy professionals, seniors and home-based business owners in the Washington DC area. Our passion is helping people achieve peace and simplicity in their lives by organizing homes, routines and lifestyles. Our team of home organizing professionals will help you regain control of your environment by helping to organize the living and storage areas of your home, including the garage, kitchen, basement, office, bedrooms and closets.

If you need assistance with home organizing, downsizing, or moving services in Northern Virginia, contact Basic Organization. You'll be amazed at what we can do for you!


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