How Inspiring is Your Office?

You spend so much time on your office. Does it work for you?

Rate yourself from 1 (does not describe me at all) to 5 (absolutely describes me) for each statement.

  1. My office appears to be professional and under control.
  2. I waste no time looking for misplaced items in my office.
  3. I would be prepared if audited by the IRS.
  4. I have a paper flow system.
  5. If I was out of my office someone else could find what is needed.
  6. I can focused in my office.
  7. I use my filing system.
  8. The room arrangement flows well.
  9. There is something of beauty in my space.
  10. I feel inspired in my office.

Add up your score.

  1. If you reached the 40s, you are doing well.
  2. If you reached the 30s, you are good, but probably work a little too hard.
  3. If you scored in the 20s, you are not alone, but can get help.
  4. If you only made it into the teens and you want help, we are here for you!
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Janet Schiesl

Janet has been organizing since 2005. She is a Certified Professional Organizer and the owner of Basic Organization. She loves using her background as a space planner to challenge her clients to look at their space differently. She leads the team in large projects and works one-on-one with clients to help the process move quickly and comfortably. Call her crazy, but she loves to work with paper, to purge what is not needed and to create filing systems that work for each individual client. Janet is a Past President of the Washington DC Chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and was voted 2016 Organizer of the Year by the Washington DC Chapter of NAPO.

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