Big Project

My work with Patti has not finished as this is a big project. I am so happy to know that she will be available for the next several months.

A joy to work with

Patti is wonderful . She gives me 4 hours every two weeks. She helped me create a system of organization for my project and introduced me to Ancestry.com. We have scanned and shared photos, and organized my desk and work habits. She is a joy to work with and I feel so much is accomplished at each appointment.

The Best Program

Basic Organization has been the best program that has come into my life. I wish I had discovered them years ago.

Asked the right questions

We made multiple attempts over 10 years to turn a spare bedroom from use as misc. storage to a craft room, ultimately succeeding in only have a different configuration of the same mess. Stacia asked the right questions to help us decide between keeping, donating, or throwing away particular items. She wasn’t judgemental about any of those decisions. She had excellent guidance for how and where to store sets of items. She kept us focused. We have a neatly organized room that functions well for its designated purpose, and the organizational tools/skills to keep it that way. We made more progress in half a day’s work with Stacia than we had on 10 years of working on our own!

Quick AND Thorough!

I really needed to get rid of loads of cumbersome stuff. My organizer helped me move through my storage areas quickly. I couldn’t have done it so quickly or thoroughly without her.

Awesomely organized

Before working with Basic Organization we couldn’t fit the car in the garage! Things didn’t have specific places to “live.” Stacia was focused, energetic, intuitive and friendly and now the garage is awesomely organized and the car fits inside! We are long-time customers. Basic Organization has helped us in so many ways. We highly recommend and often do!

Highly recommended

I have mentioned your name and activities to several people already and plan on continuing to do so.

The FIRST choice for your organizing needs

Before working with Basic Organization, we were challenged to make decisions on my recently deceased Dad’s place and all of his belongings. My brother and I did not have the time or ability to sort through all of his things. So we decided to call an organizer. After interviewing a few people, Janet won my heart!

Working with them was especially helpful because we were coming from out of town which was extremely costly. Janet and her team did an amazing MIRACULOUS JOB of organizing my Dad’s condo. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, dining area, closets and living room, FULL of junk. They touched every piece and amazingly finished in record time. We asked for it all to be done in one day. They were done by 3pm! I was expecting 9pm. Amazing! I want to tell the world about these ladies because they saved us the emotion of going through our deceased Dad’s belongings, and the thousands of dollars it would take to travel back and forth to do it all ourselves AND Janet offered to sell our valuables on Craigslist, recommended a junk company to haul it all away, and to help us with recommendations for contractors.

If we had not contacted Basic Organization, we would still be in a mound of junk spending even more money. By the way, with Janet’s help, we were able to get over $400 back from things sold from the ad Janet placed for us. I would recommend Janet and the Basic Organization team as the FIRST choice for any and all of your organizing needs.

4 1/2 weeks from loaded to listed!

Everyone is amazed at how quickly we turned this home around and I thank you and your team very much for being a part of it.