No more procrastinating

I actually feel empowered to take care of the paperwork part of housework because I have a tidy system now. No more procrastinating.

Calming Bedroom Chaos

I wanted to start off by saying that Patti was super fantastic and I can’t be more pleased with the transformation of my bedroom. What she was able to help me accomplish in 3 hours was more than I had done in over a year. It truly was impressive. She is patient, kind, efficient, and focused which were all needed to get through that experience.

I had wanted her to help me with my office but I was inspired to organize it myself with the help of my daughter. I want you to let her know I have completely organized the rest of my home since her visit and now I am on to the beginning stage of decorating. I am so proud of myself and my home. I owe an offering of deep gratitude to her.

McLean, VA

Another home run day!!

Stacey and I conquered the closet dragon today. Great progress…thank you and Stacey again.

The Big Move

I am very pleased to be able to write this letter of reference for you.

The work you have done for me over the past year has made my life so much easier in a not-so-easy time. Your help unpacking innumerable boxes after I moved from a 5-bedroom house and a 3-bedroom vacation house into a 2-bedroom condo was a godsend. Your efficient manner of unpacking, your ability to decide where everything should be placed significantly reduced my stress level.

Last winter when I needed to get my house ready to sell or rent, I was completely overwhelmed with the number of contractors who would have to be contacted, interviewed, quotes compared, hired, scheduled, supervised, and paid. You stepped in and recommended contractors you had worked with, hired them, managed their schedules, and oversaw their work. You managed to complete in less than 2 months what I had not been able to accomplish in 6 months. All the work that was done exceeded my expectations.

On your subsequent visits to me, you have provided a handyman to do a lot of chores around my new condo that I have been unable to do: hanging pictures, mounting speakers and wiring the stereo, installing shelves, even hanging my hammock.

You have filed boxes of papers, streamlining my filing system in the process. This is by no means a complete listing of the work you have done for me. To do that would be an exhausting task.

I thank you for your professionalism, friendly manner that put me so at ease as I faced these daunting tasks of the past year.

Gainesville, VA

Avoiding Disaster

I have been meaning to email you this testimonial to tell you what a life-saver you turned out to be! Our basement flooded last month during the big rain. We lost our carpet (big mess), but thanks to you, nothing else! Your re-org of our basement and garage and your recommendation that everything be up off the floor and organized on shelves probably saved us thousands of dollars in ruined outdoor and house gear. So thanks!!

Falls Church, VA

Small Business Organizing

My office feels so different. The desk space gives new energy – and space to create and work. The piles are gone and the valuable pieces sit in files. I have more energy. I look forward to future improvements in our lives.

Vienna, VA

Photo Organizing and Genealogy

Before working with Patti I had a closet filled with family photographs, letters, wills, going back four generations of both my father’s family and my mother’s family. For years I have faithfully been preserving these boxes of material history not having the slightest idea of how to process this material. My niece gave me the contact number for Basic Organization. I called, made an appointment, and met with Janet. My life was transformed within the first five minutes of our conversation. She recommended that I set an appointment with her associate Patti, which I did immediately. A whole new chapter has begun for me and my family photos.

She was especially helpful because Patti came with a plan and system of organizing my two basic families and then all the branching members. She was able to give me information on internet sites that work specifically with family genealogy, She is teaching me how to scan and load information to internet sites such as the ‘cloud’ so my extended family members would all have access to this material. Patti has given me a dream come true, now I can follow through on what I have longed to do for years.

With Basic Organization I have a clear path to accomplishing so much work, perhaps even write a book.

Washington DC

Mission accomplished!

Thanks again for all of your assistance. Both cars have been parked in the garage since yesterday afternoon.

Thanks so much!

Stacia has wonderful skills and shared tips on things I could do in the future. I never felt pressured to do more, but I was given help to do things on my own in the future. 

Organizing House Projects

I am enjoying my “new” house so much. I hardly had to do any work to get ready for the cleaning lady this week. It was so easy to lay my hands on my sewing supplies to get ready for my “retreat” this week.

I think about you often, because I’m enjoying much more freedom without all the extra stuff I had in my house. It’s a wonderful service you provide and I’m so glad I took advantage of it. It got me out of the “stuckness” I’d been in for a long time.

Oakton, VA